Minelab Coin & Treasure Detectors

Minelab Coin and Treasure Detectors are a category of metal detectors designed for hobbyists and professionals who are interested in finding coins, jewelry, and other valuable artifacts buried beneath the ground. These detectors are built with advanced technology and features that allow for accurate detection and discrimination of different types of metals and targets.

With Minelab Coin and Treasure Detectors, users can quickly and easily detect metal objects in a wide range of environments, including beaches, parks, fields, and even in shallow water. These detectors offer multiple search modes, including custom modes that can be tailored to specific search conditions and targets.

One of the key features of Minelab Coin and Treasure Detectors is their ability to discriminate between different types of metals. This means that users can adjust the detector’s settings to ignore unwanted targets, such as aluminum cans and nails, and focus on finding valuable items like coins and jewelry. This discrimination ability is particularly important for treasure hunters who want to avoid wasting time digging up junk items.

Another important feature of Minelab Coin and Treasure Detectors is their sensitivity to small targets. These detectors are designed to detect even the smallest metal objects, making them ideal for finding small items like gold nuggets and earrings. They also offer high levels of depth penetration, allowing users to detect targets that are buried deeper in the ground.

Be sure to checkout the available Minelab pinpointers to zero in on your targets.

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