Sluice Boxes & Highbankers

Sluice boxes, highbankers, and trommels are all products that fall under the category of gold prospecting equipment. These tools are designed to help gold prospectors recover gold from various sources such as rivers, streams, and gravel beds.

Sluice boxes are long, narrow boxes that are designed to trap gold as it flows through the box. These boxes are often made of aluminum or plastic and feature a series of riffles or grooves that capture the gold as it passes through. Sluice boxes are popular among gold prospectors because they are relatively lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for use in remote locations.

Highbankers are similar to sluice boxes but are mounted on a stand that allows the user to work at a more comfortable height. Highbankers are also designed to capture gold as it flows through the device, but they often feature additional components such as a water pump and hoses that allow the user to process larger quantities of material more quickly.

Trommels, on the other hand, are designed to screen material and separate out larger rocks and debris. They consist of a rotating cylinder that is perforated with small holes. Material is fed into the trommel and as it rotates, smaller particles fall through the holes while larger rocks and debris are carried to the end of the cylinder and deposited into a pile.

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