Water Pumps

Water pumps for mining are essential equipment used in various mining operations to remove excess water from the mining site. These pumps are specifically designed to handle the unique demands of the mining industry, where water is often found in large quantities and can create safety hazards, affect the productivity of workers, and damage mining equipment.

There are two main types of pumps used in mining operations: gas-powered and electric pumps. Gas-powered water pumps are powered by gasoline or diesel engines, making them ideal for use in remote mining locations where electrical power may not be available. They are typically more powerful and can handle larger volumes of water than electric pumps, making them ideal for heavy-duty mining operations.

Both gas-powered and electric pumps for mining are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the specific needs of different mining operations. They are designed to handle the abrasive and corrosive nature of mining water, and are typically constructed with durable materials such as cast iron or stainless steel to ensure their longevity.

Make sure you have all the necessary hose and fittings.

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