17 Piece Backpack Sluice Box Panning Kit with 10lb Gold Paydirt

GOLD PROSPECTING BUNDLE: Unleash your inner prospector with our comprehensive Gold Prospecting Bundle. Designed for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, this portable kit contains everything you need for a complete gold prospecting experience. Explore the world of gold hunting from start to finish, and even continue honing your panning skills off-site with the included 10lb bag of ASR Outdoor x Bobby Bo intermediate paydirt.

10LB BOBBY BO PAYDIRT: Dive into the world of gold extraction with our 10lb Bobby Bo unclassified paydirt. Crafted to cater to the needs of experienced prospectors, this paydirt strikes the perfect balance between intermediate and advanced levels. Inside, you’ll uncover fine gold, substantial gravels, and generous amounts of black sand that offer the challenge of classification work, making it an ideal choice for those looking to refine their techniques.

FOLDING SLUICE BOX (50 INCH): Elevate your gold panning setup with our 50-inch folding sluice box. Crafted from durable aluminum, this sluice box boasts built-in 8 gauge steel zinc-plated riffles, along with carpet and woven vinyl miners moss to capture every precious particle. The ingeniously designed sluice box easily folds down and fits into the provided canvas rucksack or a standard 5-gallon bucket, offering unparalleled portability. With no assembly required, it’s the ultimate hassle-free addition to your prospecting endeavors. Plus, the included shoulder strap ensures comfortable transportation wherever your quest for gold takes you.

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Introducing the ASR Outdoor 17-Piece Gold Panning Kit, designed to streamline the entire process of raw material processing while in the field. This comprehensive kit includes a 5-gallon bucket, a 50-inch folding sluice box, and a remarkable 10lbs bag of Bobby Bo Paydirt from ASR Outdoor. The innovative inclusion of the ASR Outdoor x Bobby Bo 10lb paydirt bag empowers passionate prospectors to refine their gold panning skills and techniques even away from the extraction site.

This gold panning kit comes equipped with essential tools and equipment for efficient gold prospecting. Notably, the 50-inch folding sluice box, crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum, offers an incredible gold recovery rate. It arrives pre-assembled, complete with integrated miners moss, carpet, and rugged 18-gauge steel zinc-plated riffles, ensuring optimal results during your gold mining endeavors.

Key Features:

  • 50-Inch Folding Sluice Box: This ingeniously compact aluminum sluice box collapses down to a mere 15 inches for effortless transportation. Its advanced design encompasses 8-gauge steel zinc-plated riffles, along with carpet and woven vinyl miners moss, all tailored to enhance gold recovery. With no assembly required, the sluice box easily fits into the included ASR Outdoor canvas rucksack or the accompanying 5-gallon bucket. For added convenience, a shoulder strap is included.
  • Comprehensive Gold Panning Kit: Crafted for dedicated prospectors, this portable kit encompasses a full spectrum of gold prospecting equipment, enabling end-to-end processing. To further elevate your expertise, we’ve included a 10lb bag of ASR Outdoor x Bobby Bo intermediate paydirt. This unclassified paydirt, straddling the realms of intermediate and advanced, contains fine gold, substantial black sand content, and sizeable gravels that demand precise classification work.
  • 5-Gallon Bucket: Engineered with robust plastic and featuring a practical carry handle, the heavy-duty 5-gallon bucket functions harmoniously with large classifier screens (1/8 and 1/4 inch). By stacking sifting screens atop the bucket, you can effortlessly establish a seamless classification system, streamlining the removal of unwanted raw materials from the concentrated paydirt.
  • Comprehensive Prospecting Tools: The ensemble is further enriched with an array of essential prospecting tools. Snuffer bottles, glass vials, magnifying tweezers, an 8lb magnetic separator, scoop, single and dual riffle gold pans, a canvas backpack, rock pick hammer, classifier screens, and the indispensable 50-inch folding sluice box come together to create an unparalleled gold panning experience.

Embark on a journey of discovery and skill development with the ASR Outdoor 17-Piece Gold Panning Kit. Whether you’re refining your technique on-site or honing your craft elsewhere, this meticulously curated kit ensures an enriching gold prospecting experience. Transportability, innovation, and efficiency converge to empower you on your quest for golden treasures.


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