24″ Full Length Panning Gloves

  • 24″ full-length rubber gloves for hand and arm protection
  • Texturized palms for safe handling of materials
  • Ideal for gold panning
  • Can fit over thermal gloves
  • Suitable for outdoor, wet, and cold conditions
  • Ensure safety from elements in work.
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Protect your hands and arms while you’re panning for gold with these 24-inch full-length rubber gloves. Whether you’re working in the lab or out in the field, these gloves offer durable protection with a textured palm for secure handling of materials. Their full-length design ensures that your arms are protected as well, making them ideal for industrial use and gold panning.

The gloves are also roomy enough to wear thermal gloves underneath, which makes them perfect for outdoor, wet, and cold conditions. Whether you’re prospecting in the wilderness or working in a lab environment, these gloves are an essential accessory that will help keep you safe and comfortable.

So if you’re looking for reliable and versatile gloves that can withstand tough conditions, these 24 Inch Full Length Gold Panning Gloves are an excellent choice. Order your pair today and start protecting your hands and arms from the elements!

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