24 piece Gold Panning Kit with 10lbs Gold Paydirt

Discover the ASR Outdoor x Bobby Bo 10lbs Paydirt Kit – your pathway to mastering gold panning skills! While perfect for honing techniques at home, this kit is equipped with essential gold prospecting gear, ready for field use in processing unclassified raw materials.

Unearth 10lbs of Bobby Bo’s unclassified paydirt – a gold panner’s treasure trove. Tailored for experienced prospectors, it blends fine gold, substantial gravels, and abundant black sand, demanding precise classification work.

Enhance your kit with a heavy-duty 5 Gallon Bucket, designed to harmonize with large classifier screens. Stack the screens atop the bucket to effortlessly classify materials, a seamless system for refining paydirt concentrates by eliminating unwanted elements.

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Introducing the ASR Outdoor 24pc Gold Panning Kit with 5 Gallon Bucket and 10lbs of Bobby Bo Paydirt, tailored for both novice and seasoned gold prospectors. This comprehensive kit is your ultimate companion in honing and perfecting your gold panning skills, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert.

Central to this kit is the 10lb bag of intermediate to advanced paydirt, specially curated to elevate your gold panning prowess without the need to venture out to a claim site. This carefully crafted paydirt, a blend of ASR Outdoor and Bobby Bo unclassified paydirt, delivers a challenge with its fine gold content, substantial black sand, and sizeable gravels. These elements offer a prime opportunity to refine your classification techniques and master the intricacies of gold extraction.

The ASR Outdoor x Bobby Bo unclassified paydirt serves as a benchmark for experienced prospectors, inviting you to delve into the depths of your expertise. It prompts you to confront the complexities of fine gold extraction, tackle the sizeable gravels, and engage in precise classification work.

Contained within this gold panning kit are a wealth of essential tools, each designed to assist and empower you on your gold prospecting journey. Included are dual riffles pans of 10 and 12 inches, both with shallow and deep riffles for versatile material processing. Also part of the package is a pre-seasoned 10-inch finishing pan, perfect for efficiently cleaning up your concentrates. The generously sized 14-inch pre-seasoned prospecting pan is your reliable companion for handling substantial amounts of raw material directly in the field.

Complementing these panning tools are an array of indispensable prospecting accessories. A sturdy 5-gallon bucket with a carry handle seamlessly pairs with large classifier screens to establish an efficient classification system, facilitating the removal of unwanted materials from your paydirt concentrate. The toolkit also boasts snuffer bottles, glass storage vials, magnifying tweezers, pipettes, an 8lb magnetic separator tool, a 10x eye loupe, a prospecting scoop, a folding shovel, a testing stone, and classifier screens in 1/8, 1/4, and 1/20-inch sizes.

Elevate your gold panning experience with the ASR Outdoor x Bobby Bo 10lbs Paydirt Kit – an embodiment of skill-building and exploration. Beyond practicing at home, the included gold prospecting equipment serves as a steadfast companion in the field, enabling you to process unclassified raw materials and uncover the treasures within. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, this kit propels you towards mastery in the art of gold panning and prospecting.


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