4 ft Highbanker Kit with Hopper Box, Stand, Hoses and all Adapters – Gold Mining

Included in this 4 ft highbanker kit: a 10″ wide x 48″ long x 3″ high sluice with stand and legs, a dredge hopper box with grizzly bars (14″ x 14″ x 10″), hoses, and adapters.

The hopper dredge box features an aluminum construction with grizzly bars, measuring 14″ x 14″ x 10″, and includes a 2″ dredge inlet. It incorporates a spray bar with adjustable water flow and pressure port controls.

Efficiently designed with unique elongated 45-degree z-riffles for effective gold trapping. The sluice contains 12 inches of black ribbed matting for quick gold identification, followed by 36 inches of miner’s carpet. Expanded metal riffles keep the gold secure and prevent displacement due to rocks.

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Introducing the Ultimate Gold Prospecting Highbanker Kit:

Uncover the riches hidden beneath with our meticulously crafted HighBanker Kit. Engineered for gold enthusiasts, this kit includes everything you need to embark on your treasure-seeking journey.

Sluice and Stand:

  • Dimensionally superior at 10″ wide x 48″ long x 3″ high.
  • Crafted from durable .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum, a lightweight material that also facilitates easy removal of black sand buildup with a magnet.
  • Reinforced with aluminum riffle cage and box, guaranteeing years of rugged use.
  • Boasts distinctive elongated 45-degree z-riffles, expertly designed to capture every trace of gold.
  • Features a 12-inch layer of black matting for swift gold identification, succeeded by 36 inches of miner’s carpet.
  • Thoughtful design includes expanded metal riffles to secure your precious gold and prevent dislodging due to rock interference.
  • Stands tall with 18″ high legs, ensuring optimal positioning for efficient gold recovery.

Hopper Dredge Box:

  • The aluminum hopper box measures 14″ x 14″ x 10″ deep.
  • Fitted with a 2″ dredge inlet for seamless intake.
  • Equipped with a spray bar featuring built-in adjustable water flow and pressure port controls, allowing you to tailor your gold prospecting experience.
  • Grizzly bars embedded within the hopper box serve as gatekeepers, effectively blocking large rocks, debris, and unwanted materials.

Hoses and Adapters:

  • Facilitating the flow, the kit includes essential hoses and adapters.
  • A 6-foot cleanup hose with a valve ensures controlled water flow.
  • A 25-foot 1.5″ layflat hose offers flexibility and reach.
  • An 8-foot intake hose completes the ensemble.
  • Included are 1.5″ female pin lugs, a 1.5″ x 1″ bushing, a 1.5″ adapter, and 4 reliable hose clamps.
  • Ready to add a water pump of your choice (not included)

Crafted for Convenience:

  • All hoses and connections adhere to a standardized 1.5-inch size for seamless compatibility.
  • This comprehensive highbanker kit arrives in two UPS-shipped boxes to continental USA addresses, with approximate dimensions and weights of 17 lbs, 20x20x18, and 27 lbs, 36x18x8.
  • Proudly handcrafted in the USA embodying quality and attention to detail.
  • Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipping, considering the meticulous handcrafting process and potential seasonal demand.
  • Your pursuit of gold begins here.

Unveiling the Ultimate HighBanker Kit:

  • Comprising a 10″ wide x 48″ long x 3″ high sluice with an accompanying stand and legs.
  • Partnered with a purposeful dredge hopper box, complete with grizzly bars, measuring 14″ x 14″ x 10″.
  • Embraces the power of unique elongated 45-degree z-riffles, tailored for unparalleled gold retention.
  • Enhancing gold identification, the sluice boasts 12 inches of black ribbed matting, succeeded by 36 inches of miner’s carpet.
  • Engineered from robust .080 gauge 5052 aircraft aluminum, ensuring longevity while remaining lightweight for easy handling.


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