6 ” x 24″ Trek Sluice Box with Dream Mat

Introducing the Revolutionary Vortex Dream Mat Sluice System

Unlock the future of gold prospecting with the groundbreaking Vortex Dream Mat Sluice System. This innovative technology represents a paradigm shift in gold recovery, driven by the fusion of advanced fluid dynamic principles and physics. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

1. Scientific Precision: The Vortex Dream Mat is the world’s first sluice mat meticulously engineered using cutting-edge fluid dynamics and scientific principles.

2. Nature’s Efficiency: Drawing inspiration from mini Hydro-Cyclones, our vortex cells work in harmony with nature’s forces. They expertly classify, separate, capture, and retain gold in a natural and efficient manner.

3. Patented Perfection: Our patented system leverages these vortex cells to achieve the most refined gold recovery ever witnessed, ensuring that you get every ounce of precious metal from your prospecting endeavors.

Micro Mat – The Ultimate Finishing Mat: Say goodbye to gold migration headaches. Our Micro Mat excels at keeping fine gold right where it belongs, eliminating the need for excessive sluice length, and providing a streamlined finishing process.

Mini Mat – Front Row Gold: The Mini Mat is your golden ticket to catching those elusive pieces of gold that others often overlook. It’s designed to secure even the most challenging-to-reach gold, ensuring you’re always in the front row of the treasure hunt.

With the Vortex Dream Mat Sluice System, you’re not just prospecting; you’re revolutionizing your gold recovery experience. Join the ranks of those who have embraced the future of gold hunting – one that’s more precise, efficient, and rewarding.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your prospecting game. Get your Vortex Dream Mat Sluice System today and experience gold recovery like never before.

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Introducing the Ultimate Gold Prospecting Companion: The Vortex Dream Mat Sluice Box System

Are you ready to embark on your next adventure and uncover the hidden treasures of nature? Look no further than our revolutionary Vortex Dream Mat Sluice System, your ticket to gold-rich experiences like never before. Whether you’re an avid prospector or a weekend explorer, this compact sluice system is designed to elevate your gold recovery game to professional levels.

Key Features:

  1. Compact and Portable Design: Our sturdy, .05 x 23.75″ Aluminum Sluice Box is ingeniously crafted to easily fit into or onto your pack. Say goodbye to bulky equipment and hello to hours of effortless enjoyment in the great outdoors.
  2. Advanced Gold Recovery: Join the ranks of Dream Mat fans worldwide and unlock a level of gold recovery that rivals the pros. The 6″ X 16″ Dream Mat, inspired by mini Hydro-Cyclone vortex cells, is a groundbreaking innovation in sluice mat technology. It classifies, separates, captures, and holds gold naturally, harnessing the forces of nature in a patented system for unparalleled results.
  3. Micro Mat for Precision: Our Micro Mat is the perfect finishing touch to your gold recovery process. Unlike other mats, it won’t migrate your fine gold, ensuring that no precious speck is left behind. With this mat, you can reduce your finishing sluice length and enhance your gold collection efficiency.
  4. Mini Mat for Hidden Treasures: The Mini Mat is your secret weapon for capturing elusive gold. It excels at catching the gold that everyone else is missing, putting you in the front row for gold discovery.
  5. Versatile 3-Stage Sluice: Our 3x Stage sluice system is engineered to cater to prospectors of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re running 1/4″-3/8″ screened materials in trommels or highbankers, this system ensures that even the finest gold particles are securely collected.

With the Vortex Dream Mat Sluice System, your gold prospecting adventures will reach new heights of excitement and success. Say goodbye to the frustration of traditional methods and experience the thrill of uncovering more gold, because after all, more gold means more fun!

Join the ranks of Dream Mat enthusiasts worldwide and discover the joy of gold recovery like never before. Make every adventure memorable and every trip a treasure hunt with the Vortex Dream Mat Sluice System. Get yours today and start turning your dreams of striking gold into a reality!


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