8 inch X 47 inch Sluice Box with Vortex Dream Mat

  • 8″ X 47″ Sluice Box
  • Features a Wing Nut Pressure Clamp or Slick Plate (depends on the mat chosen)
  • Constructed from durable 16 Gauge Aluminum
  • Includes an 8″ X 36″ Choice Dream Mat
  • Offers vibrant color options
  • Utilizes revolutionary Fluid Dynamics inspired by mini Hydro-Cyclones
  • Vortex cells classify, separate, capture, and securely hold gold for improved performance
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Introducing the Vortex Dream Mat – Revolutionize Your Gold Prospecting!

Are you tired of the limitations of traditional 10″ wide sluices? Do you want to process more material, reduce your cons, and take home more gold without the hassle of classifying your finds? Look no further than the Vortex Dream Mat, the ultimate solution for modern-day gold prospecting enthusiasts.

Unparalleled Efficiency: Outperforming conventional 10″ sluices in volume and convenience, the Vortex Dream Mat allows you to skip the time-consuming classification process. Simply shovel your material directly into the sluice for instant cleanouts and increased productivity.

Discover New Gold Rush Opportunities: Dream Mats have unlocked a new era of gold prospecting, making gold discoveries in areas previously deemed non-gold-bearing. Say goodbye to outdated methods; our patented vortex cells harness the forces of nature to deliver the most exceptional gold recovery to your pan.

Key Features:

  • 8″ X 47″ Sluice Box (length may vary slightly)
  • Wing Nut Pressure Clamp or Slick Plate (mat dependent)
  • Durable 16 Gauge Aluminum Construction
  • 8″ X 36″ Choice Dream Mat (length may vary slightly)
  • Vibrant Color Variations

Revolutionary Fluid Dynamics: The Vortex Dream Mat stands as the first sluice mat ever crafted through scientific engineering and advanced fluid dynamic principles. Inspired by mini Hydro-Cyclones, our vortex cells expertly classify, separate, capture, and naturally hold gold like never before.

Capture Big Gold with Ease: No more missing out on substantial gold nuggets. The Dream Mat’s vortex cells securely capture and retain both fine and larger gold particles. Its ingenious design ensures that even the heaviest gold is safely stashed away in the vortex holding cells.

Versatile Vortex Design: Designed for use in unclassified stream sluices and highbankers, the Vortex Dream Mat offers outstanding recovery of large and fine gold. Experience fewer cons and more gold with instant cleanouts. It’s a prospecting tool you’ll absolutely love.

Unprecedented Gold Recovery: Engineered with the most advanced fluid dynamics and precision engineering, the Vortex Dream Mat outperforms every gold recovery mat in existence. Its sole purpose is to catch gold that other systems can’t – it’s a prospector’s dream come true!

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional sluices and embrace the future of gold prospecting with the Vortex Dream Mat. Unleash your inner prospector and take home more gold than ever before. Join the gold rush revolution today!


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