Colorado Gold & Gems Map Set

  • Colorado Gold & Gems Maps – Then and Now by M.L. Preston
  • Packet includes 5 double-sided section maps
  • Helps locate gold, silver, 65 precious & semi-precious gems & minerals in Colorado
  • Clear plastic overlay of Colorado’s modern road system included
  • Makes exploration easier
  • Suitable for both seasoned prospectors and beginners
  • Guide to uncover riches hidden in Colorado’s landscape.
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Discover the treasures hidden within the Colorado landscape with Colorado Gold & Gems Maps – Then and Now by M.L. Preston. This comprehensive packet includes five expertly crafted, double-sided section maps, designed to help you locate gold, silver, and an impressive collection of 65 precious and semi-precious gems and minerals.

To make your exploration even easier, the maps come with a clear plastic overlay displaying Colorado’s modern road system. With this invaluable tool, you can navigate your way to some of the state’s most spectacular geological wonders and mining hotspots, both old and new.

Whether you’re a seasoned prospector or a curious beginner, Colorado Gold & Gems Maps – Then and Now is the perfect guide to help you uncover the riches that lie hidden within the stunning Colorado landscape.

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