Mortar and Pestle Cast Iron Ore Crusher

Experience the charm of our European-inspired Small Mortar & Pestle, meticulously fashioned from resilient Cast Iron. Standing at a height of 3-1/4″, with a generous top width of 3-3/4″, this exquisite piece embodies both form and function. The inner diameter, measuring 2-1/4″ at the top and extending to a depth of 2-1/2″, offers ample space for your grinding needs.

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Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of our European Style Small Mortar & Pestle, meticulously designed to elevate your crushing and grinding experiences. Crafted with precision using robust Cast Iron, this set exudes both elegance and functionality, making it a must-have tool for various applications.

Standing at a height of 3-1/4″, with a top width of 3-3/4″, and an inner diameter measuring 2-1/4″ at the top with a depth of 2-1/2″, this mortar offers a spacious interior for efficient crushing and grinding. The Pestle, measuring 6″ in length, complements the mortar perfectly, providing you with a comprehensive set that’s thoughtfully designed to meet your needs.

Weighing a combined 5 pounds, this mortar and pestle set is your ideal companion for tasks ranging from field ore tests to meticulous assays. The robust Cast Iron construction ensures durability and longevity, while the European-style design adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace.

Imagine yourself in the field, effortlessly crushing rocks and ores to test their composition, or immersing yourself in the intricacies of assaying. With our European Style Small Mortar & Pestle, these tasks become not only seamless but also enjoyable. The ergonomic design and substantial weight of the set enhance the efficiency of your crushing endeavors, making even the toughest materials easy to work with.

Incorporate a touch of Old-World charm and modern functionality into your laboratory or workspace with this exceptional mortar and pestle set. Whether you’re a geologist, chemist, or simply an enthusiast of fine tools, our European Style Small Mortar & Pestle promises to deliver performance and aesthetic appeal in equal measure. Elevate your craftsmanship today.



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