Royal Gold Dry Washer Oversized Version

Experience gold mining like never before with our cutting-edge Drywasher. Equipped with an enclosed hopper, zinc-plated riffles, and quick breakdown feature, it’s designed for ultimate efficiency. Revolutionize your gold mining efforts with this advanced tool.

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Introducing the oversized royal gold dry washer, a pinnacle of innovation in gold mining equipment. This cutting-edge device boasts an array of unparalleled features, setting it apart from all other Dry washers available in the market today. Experience a new level of quality without the accompanying high price tag.

One of the standout attributes of this Dry washer is its fully enclosed hopper, a distinct advantage that prevents larger rocks from infiltrating beneath the classifier and obstructing your adjustable flow valve. Bid farewell to clogs and hassles. The generously proportioned 21″ x 24″ Oversized Hopper ensures effortless feeding, streamlining your gold mining process.

Crafted meticulously from robust .063″ Aluminum and fortified with an impressive array of 110 rivets, this Drywasher is engineered for utmost strength and durability. The innovation continues with the inclusion of 7 Combination Zinc Plated Riffles, precision laser-cut from a single sheet of steel. This design maximizes efficiency, ensuring that your gold recovery process is optimized to its fullest potential.

The Oversized 21″ x 24″ Hopper is a testament to ease of use, simplifying the feeding process to enhance your operational efficiency. The Recovery Box, measuring 10″ x 24″, is thoughtfully designed to facilitate gold collection with optimal effectiveness.

Embrace the convenience of our Drywasher’s user-friendly design, offering a hassle-free breakdown process that requires no tools. Elevate your gold mining endeavors with a tool that’s as innovative as it is reliable.


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