The RINEHART gold sniper

  • 1/4-inch Hand Dredge designed for underwater sniping and crevice cleaning
  • Functions like an oversized sniffer bottle for enhanced efficiency
  • Includes a tether for hands-free operation while swimming
  • 5/16-inch OD inlet tube capable of suctioning material up to 1/4-inch diameter
  • Extendable tube reaches an extra 5 inches into deep crevices
  • Versatile use: effective both underwater and above water
  • To use above water, flood the crevice with water and then suction material
  • Doubles as a snuffer bottle; twist bulb to empty directly into gold pan
  • 2-ounce material capacity
  • Lightweight at only 3 ounces
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Introducing our 1/4-inch Hand Dredge, designed for efficient underwater sniping. Think of it as an oversized sniffer bottle that allows you to clean hard-to-reach bedrock cracks and crevices while diving. With its convenient tether, you can focus on swimming without having to hold onto the tool or worry about losing it.

Featuring a 5/16-inch OD inlet tube, this hand dredge is capable of suctioning material up to 1/4-inch in diameter. The tube can extend an additional 5 inches, giving you the reach to access deep cracks that other tools just can’t reach.

Not limited to underwater use, this versatile tool can also be employed above water. Simply flood the crevice with water, and then use the hand dredge to suck out the material. It’s equally effective as a snuffer bottle—simply twist out the bulb to empty contents directly into your gold pan.

With a 2-ounce capacity and weighing in at just 3 ounces, this compact and lightweight tool is your go-to solution for effective crevice cleaning.

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