Vortex Dream Mat 12 inch x 36 inch

  • Scientifically Engineered: The Vortex Dream Mat is the first sluice mat designed using advanced fluid dynamics and physics principles.
  • Vortex Cell Technology: Mini Hydro-Cyclone inspired vortex cells classify, separate, and naturally capture gold particles.
  • Nature’s Forces: Exploits natural forces in a patented system for the finest gold recovery.
  • Big Gold Capture: Effectively captures heavy, larger gold particles in its vortex holding cells.
  • Versatile Design: Original Vortex design allows unclassified use in stream sluices and highbankers.
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Introducing the Vortex Dream Mat – Your Gold Prospecting Companion!

Are you tired of the same old gold prospecting methods that leave you with limited results? Say hello to the Vortex Dream Mat, a game-changing innovation that will revolutionize the way you hunt for gold.

Unleash the Power of Science and Nature: The Vortex Dream Mat is not your ordinary sluice mat. It’s the result of intensive scientific engineering, utilizing advanced fluid dynamic principles and physics. We’ve harnessed the secrets of nature to create a mat that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Vortex Cells for Unmatched Gold Recovery: Our mat features mini Hydro-Cyclone inspired vortex cells that work together to classify, separate, capture, and retain gold in its natural form. These patented cells are designed to maximize your gold recovery like never before.

Big Gold? No Problem! Whether you’re dealing with fine particles or hefty nuggets, the Vortex Dream Mat has you covered. Our vortex holding cells are up to the challenge, ensuring that even the largest and heaviest gold finds a secure home within the mat.

Versatility in Action: The original Vortex design allows you to use the mat in stream sluices and highbankers without the need for classification. This means more time prospecting and less time preparing.

The Gold Prospector’s Dream: With the Vortex Dream Mat, you’ll experience superior gold recovery. Say goodbye to excessive cons and hello to more gold in your pan. Cleaning out your mat has never been this quick and effortless.

Engineered to Excel: This mat represents the culmination of the most advanced fluid dynamics and engineering expertise in the world of gold recovery. It’s not just a mat; it’s a gold-catching marvel that’s poised to turn your prospecting dreams into a reality.

In summary, the Vortex Dream Mat is a must-have for every gold prospector. It’s a revolutionary tool that combines science and nature to ensure you capture gold that other systems simply can’t. Don’t let precious gold slip through your fingers any longer. Elevate your prospecting game with the Vortex Dream Mat and discover a world of golden opportunities waiting for you!


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