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Fisher F19 Metal Detector with 11-inch DD Waterproof Searchcoil

  • F19 is the best relic hunting machine
  • FeTone adjustable iron audio controls ferrous/non-ferrous target volume
  • V-Break tone discrimination system & adjustable notch width for superior target separation
  • Computerized GROUND-GRAB ground balancing & manual override options
  • Backlit display & static all-metal pinpoint with depth indicator
  • 11-inch waterproof DD search coil.
  • Unmatched target separation in iron and trash.
  • Continuous ground condition readout.
  • Ground balance all the way to salt.
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The F19 metal detector is the ultimate tool for relic hunting, offering advanced features to help you find your target with ease. With FeTone adjustable iron audio, you can control the volume of ferrous and non-ferrous targets for better target identification. The V-Break tone discrimination system and adjustable notch width provide superior target separation. The computerized GROUND-GRAB ground balancing system allows for easy tuning to the soil conditions you are hunting in, with manual override options. The F19 also features a backlit display, a static all-metal pinpoint with depth indicator, and an 11-inch waterproof DD search coil. Experience unmatched target separation and uncover what others have left behind with the F19 metal detector.


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