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Garrett Metal Detectors ACE APEX Metal Detector (Standard Package), GAR1142320

The Apex detector has intuitive controls that are easy to use, with direct drive buttons for the most frequently used settings and easy-access menu adjustments for other controls. It also offers six different detection modes, including Zero, Coins, US Coins (with coin icons), Jewelry, Relics, and Custom, as well as a Pinpoint feature for more precise target location.

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The IRON VOLUME feature on the Apex detector allows users to decrease the volume of iron targets while maintaining the normal volume of non-ferrous targets. The Apex is highly versatile, with Multi-Flex Multi-Frequency technology that makes it suitable for coin shooting, relic hunting, shallow water wading, beach hunting, and prospecting. The detector has intuitive and efficient controls, with direct drive buttons for frequently used controls and easy-access menu adjustments for other controls. The Apex also offers six detection modes and pinpointing, as well as a Hi-Resolution Ground Balance that ranges from ferrous ground to saltwater. The detector also has a 5-Tone Audible Target ID and a Hybrid Audio System that provides the simplicity of binary audio with the added benefit of proportional audio for faint targets. Additionally, the Apex has 20 pixels of Notch Discrimination, including 8 pixels of Iron.


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